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Locksmith in Kendall - What to Do, Car Key Stuck in Ignition

Keys come in all shapes, sizes and types, but there is one thing that is common to just about every key- they can get stuck in the lock. It may not have happened to you yet or this could be your first time experiencing it. Don’t be surprised if it happens to you again.

Think you can prevent your key from getting stuck by buying the most expensive locks on the market? Think again! Once your locks have aged to a certain point, the wear and tear that they experience can cause the key to get stuck inside.

If you have a stuck key and you cannot get it out no matter what you try, make sure that you have a locksmith that you can depend on. It can make the difference between you waiting for a few minutes or a few hours just to get assistance. If you’re in Florida, call Locksmith in Kendall (located in Kendall, Florida). Otherwise, find a good local locksmith that can assist you promptly. An internet search, or just asking friends and neighbors who they recommend, is likely to yield plenty of results for you.

Why Is Your Key Stuck in The Ignition?

So, you have a stuck key. But do you know why it is stuck? Knowing why your key is stuck can help you to remove it. Although you may need the services of a locksmith depending on the reason behind it, you may be able to take that key out of the ignition on your own.

Want to know why your key is stuck? Here are some possibilities.

  • The steering wheel is locked

Just about every vehicle has a safety feature in the steering wheel. If it is locked, you won’t be able to retrieve your key from the lock. Once you believe that your key is stuck in the ignition, this is the first thing that you should check. It is very easy to remove your key if this is the case. All you have to do is unlock the steering wheel and then you will be able to remove the key.

You won’t need a locksmith to do this. Once you can lock and unlock the steering wheel, it is a simple task. Just turn the steering wheel to the unlock position and pull the key right out.

  • Your key is damaged

Unfortunately, a damaged key can get stuck in your ignition. When the key is bent it may not fit snuggly into the ignition cylinder. This misfit may cause the key to get stuck. Do you need a locksmith to help remove it? Maybe. But, before you go calling a locksmith, you can try to wiggle the key a little to see if it will come out.

  • The ignition cylinder is blocked with debris

Your ignition cylinder can accumulate debris just like any other item. A lot of the debris that may accumulate inside it is lint. To avoid this, pay attention to your ignition cylinder. If it seems dirty, make sure that you clean it. If your key gets stuck and you are not sure why, try to spray an electrical cleaner inside it. You may find that the key slides right out right after you clean it.

When all those checks fail, there is only one thing left to be checked- the ignition cylinder itself. Like all man-made devices, your ignition cylinder may be faulty and stop working the way it should. The average life of an ignition cylinder is about 60,000 miles. If you have surpassed that and you haven’t changed your ignition cylinder, you may have to do so soon. Prepare yourself for it.

How to Remove a Stuck Key

If your key is stuck and you cannot figure out how to remove it, you may need to call a locksmith for help. Locksmiths are trained to handle situations like these. Although your stuck key may be a sign of something more serious, if you are able to get the key out, you may be able to start your car as you normally would. Make sure that you do not pull on the key too hard. You may end up breaking it.

Prevent Your Key from Getting Stuck in the Ignition
There are several ways that you can prevent your key from getting stuck in the ignition cylinder. Although they may help to prevent your key from getting stuck, you should know that it may still be possible for the key to get stuck. Nevertheless, here are some ways that you can prolong the life of your ignition and prevent your key from getting stuck.

  • Keep it clean

From time to time, make sure that you clean your ignition. There are several brands of electrical cleaners that can be used. You may also be able to get rid of small debris and lint particles by using a can of air to spray inside the ignition cylinder. Once it remains clean, you should not have any issues with your key getting stuck inside.

  • Don’t damage your keys

Are you the type to use your car key for opening bottles and other miscellaneous tasks? Stop it right now! This is one of the easiest ways for you to damage your key. Many keys have been broken or bent because of activities like these. Prolong the life of your key; prevent it from being broken or getting stuck in your ignition by making sure that it does not get damaged.

  • Replace worn out keys

It is good practice to keep several copies of a key. This includes your car key too. Since keys and locks undergo wear and tear, you should be observant and notice when your key begins to get worn out. If you notice this, the best thing to do is use a newer key. If you have an extra key, now would be a good time to make use of it. This way, you will keep your lock and key system functional.

Ready to cut that extra key? Or perhaps you have a key that is stuck? Call the experts from Locksmith in Kendall (located in Kendall, Florida).